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We offer photography services during our competitions!

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I have been taking photos of competitors for several years.  I enjoy it and I hope the competitors find it an added bonus for coming to Rolelu Shows.  However, I am not able to get pictures of every competitor at every show because I have several other duties (like scoring and being secretary).

We are now offering a line on the entry form where you can pay a small fee ($10) to guarantee that you get a minimum of 10 high resolution photographs of your dressage ride (suitable for printing a 5x7 image).  When you pay the photography fee, your images will also be edited first and receive additional editing.  I will email you the photographs and they will also be available on our FaceBook page to share with your friends and families.  I will send 4x6 images as the default size - however, I will resize images to 5x7 for no additional fee upon request.  You will have full ownership of the copyright on each image.  Once you have the digital file of your images, you can do whatever you want with them.  If you want to edit them more - go ahead.  If you want to make them into a Christmas card, or have 10 copies of each image printed, all you have to pay for is the printing cost.  

If I am unable to get at least 10 good images of your ride(s), your $10 fee will be refunded.  However, the photos that I am able to take will be made into lower resolution files with a watermark when you are given a refund.

Don't worry, I'll still be taking pictures of as many other competitors as I am able.  However, these images will be sent at a lower resolution and contain a watermark.  I'll also upload these photos to our FaceBook page so you can still share them with your friends and families.  They will be in a separate album from the higher resolution photos.

 Here is what an image will look like with the watermark.  Still easy to see the image, but not so nice for printing out and framing.


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