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Ron Luce is a professional horseman and co-owner of Rolelu Stables, Inc.  He has been playing polo for over 30 years.  He holds a United States Polo Association (USPA) indoor rating of 3 goals and an outdoor rating of 2 goals.  Ron is a USPA certified umpire and founded Rolelu Polo in 1979.  Well known in the area as a talented polo teacher and trainer of polo ponies, Ron has participated in and anchored numerous tournament wins for the Rolelu Polo team.

One-Horse Polo: Learn to play polo with just one horse.  You don't need a 'string' of polo ponies in your barn to learn and play the game of polo.  You don't even need your own horse.  You may learn from atop one of Rolelu Polo's polo ponies.

HERE to meet the Rolelu Polo Ponies

Upcoming Games:   There are many upcoming games scheduled for this season.  Contact Ron Luce at Rolelu Polo to learn more!

Results from this season:  Ron Luce continues to excel as a player.  He is regarded by his teammates as a powerhouse and a leader.  Ron is constantly looked to to make big plays and has enjoyed many successful wins this year on the field.

Community Activities:  Rolelu Stables was a proud sponsor of the 2008 WXXI Auction.   The Rolelu Polo Club donated memberships to the Club as well as  Polo Lessons.  Rolelu Polo has contributed to the  WXXI auction for the last 18 years.  In this time, we have  raised over $3000.00 for the local Public Telivision Station. 

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