Rolelu Stables, Inc.

Stall Rental Agreement

 Rolelu Stables, Inc. offers stall rentals for use during our competitions.  You may elect to rent a stall for the day of the competition, or for 1 (or more) overnight stays plus the day of the competition.  Pricing information is available on the entry forms.

1.    A stall deposit is required for each stall you rent.  The stall deposit must be paid on a SEPARATE check before you gain use of the stall. This stall deposit is akin to a security deposit on an apartment.  If you choose not to clean out your stall to Rolelu specifications, if there is any damage done to your stall or holding area for your belongings, or you do not follow any of the following guidelines, your deposit will be forfeit.  However, if there is no problem during the competition, you clean your stall and receive approval from Rolelu personnel, AND there is no damage to your stall or holding area, your deposit check will be handed back to you for you to dispose of as you wish.

2.    One stall is rented for ONE horse.  If you are bringing two horses to the competition, you MAY NOT have them share a stall for any reason.  We do not require that you rent a stall for each horse, but each horse must be safely restrained when not being ridden.  Only the horse with the stall rental is allowed to use facilities open to renters.

3.    Wood shaving bedding is included with your stall rental.  You must bring your own buckets (screw eyes are available in the stall to hang buckets from – so you might wish to bring double ended snaps to hang your buckets), hay, grain, and any other item you feel necessary.  Hay and/or grain MAY be available for purchase, but ask before you come.

4.    All of your property must been kept OUT of the alleyway.  You may use the cross-ties in the alley to tack your horse, but you may not leave your horse unattended in the cross-ties.  An empty stall will be available to you (you may have to share) to store your belongings.  Again, NOTHING may be left in the alley – including manure or shavings tracked out of your horse’s stall.  You are responsible for maintaining a clean, neat area around your horse and your belongings for everyone’s safety.

5.    Some Rolelu facilities MAY be available to stall renters (wash stalls, etc.) but you must ask before using anything other than your stall and cross-ties.  Additional fees may be levied (or taken out of your stall deposit) if you use facilities not included in the stall rental.

6.    We do NOT require you to ‘strip’ the stall when you are done.  However, you must remove any wet areas, all manure, and all hay/grain left by your horse.  Once your horse is out of the stall and it is cleaned, ask a Rolelu representative to check your stall.  When they have given approval, your stall deposit check will be returned.

7.    Your horse and your belongings must be removed from Rolelu Stables within one hour of the last ride of the competition.  Failure to leave promptly will result in forfeiture of your stall deposit.

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