Rolelu Stables, Inc.

The aim of this page is to give an overview of the beautifully maintained grounds at Rolelu Stables.  Also, we would like to show the environment where our horses live and we ride.

                        A typical sunset over the valley Geneseo, NY

Instructors:  Marian and Ron Luce.  With over 45 years of experience each, these professional, dedicated instructors make learning to ride fun and exciting.

Facilities:  Enormous indoor riding arena (226 X 72 feet), outdoor standard sized dressage ring with rubberized footing, over 50 cross country fences ranging from Introductory to Training level.  There are also dozens of portable stadium fences and miles of trails over gently rolling hills.

Activities: The stables are very involved in combined  training, polo,dressage, steeple chasing and much more.  We even  host several competitions each year.  We hold a series of five combined tests (dressage and stadium jumping) and dressage shows each year.  We call these show the "Excellence in Equitation Series" and it is open to Rolelu Student and to the general public.  We also hold student shows that are just for those who ride at Rolelu Stables, Inc. 

One of the many other activities you will find at Rolelu is the opportunity to learn the game of POLO!  Ron Luce is a 45 year veteran of the game and has been teaching the sport for over 35 years.  Ron has a "One-Horse" polo league forming.  You  will be able to learn the rules of the game plus practice throughout the  year in our indoor arena.  

At Rolelu Stables, we also offer private lessons (one  person) or small group (3 - 6 people) lessons.  With these  options, you can choose the type of environment where you learn  best.  We offer groups for all ages and abilities.  At Rolelu  Stables, we believe that is never too late to start riding.  We  specialize in adult beginner riders.  At the same time, we (as  well as our clients) have found that riding provides a positive  activity for children to participate in.  Working with the horses  gives young (and not so young) people and way to develop  independent thinking and improve their self esteem.  Riding  (and being in the positive atmosphere of Rolelu) also helps to  alleviate stress that can build up during the work day or week.

We invite you to come watch a lesson or two and  see how much fun it can be!